by vig


“electropop alison goldfrapp”
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babsblueeyes's picture
love this

I love the glow and the showding. Her mouth is beautiful. Lovely draw. A solid 10

mona's picture
desenho 10

tu desenhas muito bem!!

spring's picture

absolutely beautiful Vig! 10

ploiesteana's picture

Vig, a great picture! Remember me the pictures of Tamara Lempicka-the attitude, the eyes, the lipps and the skin. Bright colours!

dewdrops's picture

All the comments below says it all and the winner(vig) takes it all(10 pts).

jzpeperonica's picture
Great draw!

It`s beautiful! All the shadows, and the glance on the lips....really good!

rowemartyn's picture

How well you draw! just by detailing the mouth you had given the woman a distant look. Martyn

matildavtdr's picture
hey vig!

this is my fav Innocent i dont know y but i like ur pics so much hehe =P

kutedymples's picture
Shes beautiful!

This is an awesome picture Vig! Really beautiful and such soft skin and beautiful eyes and lips! You have really done it this time.

guyverunit's picture

impressive!!! ;

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile