Good Day for fishing

“coastal India”
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Beautiful work

Great fun and interesting colors in combination - nature appreciated.

Have a wonderful day!

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This is great...such beautiful colors and great action. The sky and water are done beautifully. really nice details in the boat and the boys. Just a very happy drawing. Well done.. Smile Five stars

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Thanks Marilens!!

Its always great to hear from you.

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LOOKS THEY HAVE THERE LOTS OF FUN! Laughing out loud Five stars

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it is a good day for fishing

Exquisite work on this one... great feeling from it too.

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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Really beautiful...

I am so glad you were able to finish it. I have watched its progression since you started and it was worth the wait.

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Thanks kutedymples!!

I read your earlier comments too . Thanks again!! Somehow I lost the earlier version . Good that I had saved one copy locally and I could restore and continue working.

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I like the moving and finesse

I like the moving and finesse in this picture!

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Thank you :)

I took longer time to finish this due to workload. I am glad that you liked it.