gothic girl colored → variate

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nice gothic girl

i wish i can make this gothic girl and they are awesome Big smile

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Thats pretty cool!!! My first draw wasnt that great!!

Susan Damaris Rivera/LilyTree

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No pen Tablet

no, i didn't use a pentablet, but i wish i had one. Laughing out loud

I used the line tools.

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gothic anime girl

very nice first draw! and Welcome. Smile

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okay! i'll make it free to variate.

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nice draw !

why dont free it to variate?

I'm shure someone wanna color this Smile

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My First Queeky

lol, this is my first queeky, so expect more from me to be anime like.

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WOW!that's awesome, you should color more of it, then it will be even better! By the way did you draw that with a pen tablet?