“Flamingos are such incredibly beautiful and graceful birds.”
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BEAUTIFUL! Five stars , Five stars .. Laughing out loud

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Nice color!

Great job on Flamingo, Susie. Nice feather. The Flamingo's feather has so many color when it reflect with the sunshine. You did a very good job, I think.

I know how hard to draw the Flamingo since I've drawn it before. XDDD Yeah the feather on its back is the pain in the ***. XDDD

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color and composition

Have a wonderful day!

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I Love

Flamingos, they are such an unusual looking yet beautiful bird...You did a great job on this, the feathers must have taken some time to do and the colors are beautiful.. Smile Five stars

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Very pretty, love the colours and especially its beak Laughing out loud

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I have no words to comment at

I have no words to comment at your gallery they are more than amazing & awesome thank you

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Beautiful, I like it with

Beautiful, I like it with layer 5 better Big smile

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Great Flamingo and great

Great Flamingo and great feathers, what a exact colour you achieved. Well done