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good job

looks professional Five stars

Have a wonderful day!

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It looks like a poster, an

It looks like a poster, an illustration for a book, don't worry, it looks great!

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great image

gives you just enough real and a bit of print

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clear the cache in your browser

... restart the browser . Load the .qky file from your local disk , if you have saved the same in your local disk . If you are still not getting the most recent version then you may have not saved the last changes.

Sketch looks awesome!!

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gracias my friend. not that i

gracias my friend. not that i understud much , but thanks for try. also thanks for your nice comment. i like your works too...

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just a question. the final

just a question. the final result of the image is not exactly this. i mean i saved this pic yesterday and today i added some few lines more , a bit diferent backround, my name, etc etc. why i cant se the final pic and i can see only how it was yesterday?

NOTE: i downloaded the jpg file just to have it on my pc , and the pic is the final result. not this. . .