by KO


“lol, done in an hour, I just couldnt stand to contuinue staring at my pudgy little childface any longer, and yes this is me. Ref used, not traced, image was open besides the Queeky application. I'm such a cutie ;P”
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Yugiohgx's picture
aaw kute

lovely potrait I like ur eyes ur sooo kute

KO's picture

I swear, I was not as cute as you all say I was. Smile


ha55ha's picture

Yeah you are so cute. >^_^<

Great drawing.

KO's picture

*Was cute XP

Thank you


Choccy's picture

ur soo kute i love this pic how old were u ther

The Anime geek Tongue

KO's picture

lol, Um, I was about five there.

Thank you ^-^


Giselle's picture
cute overload!!!

Love OMG cute doesn't even start to describe you as a small child! Adorable!!!!! Five stars Five stars Five stars

KO's picture
lol :D

awwww, thanksh you <3 (btw I fixed up the hair.)


Giselle's picture
just an idea...

how about you make a nice background too for such a sweetie pie! (remove the text too, I think it would make it so much better) just my two cents though, it's really good as is but it's so darn cute and well done.

KO's picture

well I might do some more touching up later on. Like, maybe tomorrow or something, but I might not, I don't know Laughing out loud

with all the positiveness, maybeh I will Tongue