by KO

Half empty? half full?

“Just doodlin, no reason, no reference, and no I do not know if anybody else does the Hate love crap, lol, Suck it up if Im infringing on your copyrights.”
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xDD i love it!! haha i didn't even notice the "love hate" thing at first 0-0 that's cool! =D great drawing! i love it! 5 stars and on my faves ^w^

for a dreamer, night's the only time of day

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Thank you Laughing out loud, Yeh I spent months sketching the love/hate thing everywhere, before I realized that its ridiculous XP


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Even in the hate situation, your anime still cute.

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Lol, thank you Ha55Ha Laughing out loud

I enjoy your comments Tongue


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la haine, la haine hm je me

la haine, la haine hm je me demande, non, je n'aime pas beaucoup pour ce truc, en fait je ne sais pas


hate, hate hm I wonder, no I do not care much for that stuff, actually I dunno

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haha, I guess thats a good thing right? Smile


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Thank you Smile


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Its clever

MIxed emotions..just like my toaster.. Big smile

I came, I saw, I conquered~

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thank you, I am very clever, exactly like a brave little toaster ;P