... HanCock ...

“all credits to Will Smith. Whammer Jammer - Magic Dick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IftnwBOlG_M
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COOL!I LIKE HANCOCK! Laughing out loud

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perfect taking

perfect taking


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for a dreamer, night's the only time of day

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you rock

you rock

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I still have the DVD, and

I still have the DVD, and this Cover is awesome, this is almost completely identical... amazing work Demian awesome work!

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Thank you

ernieplucknett, sketchpad, MelSpontaneus, pppman, betty, mannamanna, MysticalUnicornFart, kindre, danila, Trumoon, artfreaksue and haedonggum.

Thanks Beer Beer Cool

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spectacular, the glass reflection by itself is so impressive..woooowwww Crown Crown


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Fantastic! Global cooling at

Fantastic! Global cooling at the highest level! Remarkable job! Wink Five stars

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It's really cool how you

It's really cool how you changed up your style. Also.. it's awesome how you capture the city in his glasses. Really great work!

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You are a

chameleon, demian...constantly changing your style to suit each painting...and I love how you did this one...rough, reckless and definitely feeling the action...AWESOME!! Big smile

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