Hanging Around

“Another type of Mushroom”
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Went camping last summer and it turned into the west coast mushroom tour... Saw a lot of these type of shelf fungi and you captured them beautifully and especially love the vibrance you have given them, ours were not so lovely but still amazing.

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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very nice

colors Smile

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hanging around

The colours of the mushroom are wonderful, the tree and background such great detail. Fantastic draw Susie. Five stars

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work! The colors, hues and details are amazing!

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I know this mushroom since my

I know this mushroom since my childhood, I liked to play with, you've captured very good the colours of it and of the tree. Good job, Susie!

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Beautiful painting...

The abstract background is awesome. Five stars


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...amazing work!...wonderful colors!...