Happy Baby Girl

“Reference picture: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&;id=701728328#!/photo.php?pid=3286132&id=592912877 My cousins Baby Girl Rachel. She is such a funny happy little girl. I have seen so many wonderful black and white pictures lately I really had to try one again. I think they are harder to do than a full color picture.”
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Nice B/w draw!

This is a really great draw ....little cute baby....i like it!

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are so chubby I just want to pinch them! The mouth looks like a heart Smile Cute expression and great composition. Black and white is harder but if you pay close attention to contrast it helps. Closer things have stronger contrast and background less contrast, or more important things more contrast, less important less. Your gallery is wonderful to look through, so many pictures! Each one shows growth and improvement from the one before. I'm also impressed by your dedication and supportive comments on so many pictures.

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Thank you selva,

I appreciate your comment, really like the way you went into depth. I love learning from comments and watching others draw. I am not a formal taught artist, but have learned from sites like this and wonderful comments such as yours. When I comment on so many other drawings I believe makes other artists proud of their work and gives them the incentive to go on and keep creating and learning. Without comments and criticism I would still be making pictures the way I started out and they weren't so pretty to look at. LOL

By the way you are an incredible artist. I admire all of your artwork it is outstanding!

Thank you again!

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i love the expression

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...wonderful baby girl!...


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i like this great cute protrait!!!5 stars!!!

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Edited the description...

I don't know why there isn't a checkbox when you edit the description so it don't take it all the way back the the front of the gallery. I just added the link for the reference picture that I used and I did not want the picture to go back to the front of the gallery. I am very sorry. Sad

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Beautiful portrait of a baby

I like the expression, is beautiful.

" La sonrisa de un bebe es algo que nos alegra la vida " Smile

Five stars and fave!

Have a nice day!!

" I want to know,
have you ever seen the rain??? " - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Happy baby girl

Such an adorable and beautiful baby girl, she looks so happy...wonderful drawing. Five stars

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aii so cute 5

aii so cute Smile 5