Happy Birthday Imy!

“bday gift for a friend on dA .w. the chara with light blue hair belongs to her [Imy (c)] and the little girl with pink highlights is mine (c) Trinity hope you like it!”
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Happy Birthday Imy

A lovely birthday gift for your friend....she looks very surprised to see you popping out of the box to wish her a Happy Birthday! Smile A lovely sweet draw. 5 stars

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thank you so much >w< she liked it a lot Laughing out loud I know right, I thought of the idea 'cause it would be funny if someone popped out of a box on their birthday Tongue


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Happy Birthday Imy

That was very sweet of you, I am sure she will love it. The characters are adorable and I love the idea of one popping out of the box...very well done. Smile Five stars

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thanks a ton marilens C: I got the idea from this show I watched xD thanks again!