Happy Fathers Day Treat

“To all of Queekys Fathers! May you have the sweetest day of the whole year.”
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you are in my opinion the best artist of this site! I even got hungry with his design.

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yummy.. Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

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Me too...

I don't need any extra calories and especially from sweets. LOL I would much rather draw them than eat them, although I wouldn't turn it away if it were here. Thanks for your sweet comments and ratings too! I hope life is treating you well!

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JumYum.. looking very tasty

JumYum.. looking very tasty Smile So what did you do on fathersday?


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Stayed home...

by myself. My husband had to pick up my daughter from the airport. I love it when I am home alone gives me more time to draw. Thanks for your nice comments. By the way what did you do today?

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What i did..

I actually slept over at my friends house the other night after a pary, so i didnt get to make my dad breakfast, but i went to my grandfathers house yesterday.

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Nice day...

it sounds like to me. I miss being able to go to my grandparents house. It has been way too many years since they passed away. I wish they were still around. I have such fond memories being there. Treasure them while you have them.

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looks delicious, and so inviting..


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it cant be for my dad can it its to deliosois