Happy Flowers

“Got the flu since yesterday...drew this to cheer myself up. Guess, I won't need a noisemaker for the New Year...my cough'll be loud enough! Ha ha ha”
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Real flowers should at least have one insect buzzing around there somewhere. Overall I still love the picture it's very full of life imho.

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oh sweet ...

hope you recover soon, these flowers surely cheered you up... Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile


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Thanks, danila!

They surely did cheer me up! Big smile

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Oh, I love these cheerful

Oh, I love these cheerful flowers, they spent joy and I hope health and power for yourself! Get well soon , without coughing and othere loud sounds!

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Thanks ploiesteana!

I remember how it made me feel better when I was drawing this...better than any medicine! Big smile

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That sounds aweful ...

That sounds aweful ... Angry Angry get well soon ... these flowers are so bright Five stars

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Thanks LostArt!

Big smile

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Oh no!

Not the Flu! That is some nasty stuff and I hope you feel better soon. Wink I know these flowers sure did cheer me up today, I have been suffering with an infection Sick for about a week and it is finally getting a little better. These flowers really are beautiful and cheerful!

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Thanks, Susie!

Glad to hear you're a lot better....me, too! "Tis the season of the flu...falalalalalalalala..." Santa Sick Btw, I'll definitely vote for your rose handphone case design...very nice! Smile

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