Happy Little Raccoons

“I made this a while back but didnt like the fur on them, used the new tools to revamp and I think it looks better now.”
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i just joined and saw all of your drawings. u are the best of the best!!!!!!!! Wink

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lovely and happy, kute!

lovely and happy, kute! Smile

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happy raccoons

happy kuteee

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Awwwhhh. this is really good. Bravo.

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aww they're so cute!

they look really soft and cuddly!

I love anime.

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wooow so cute !! jejeje

you are so good... i'm you fan jejej !!

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So cute!!!

you"re like, the best drawer on queeky!!!!

even though I only saw 2 of ur drawings, they're AWESOME!!!!!


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So cute!!! The look so real!!! So cute!!


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Me:AWwwwwwWwW! They Are So Kute! Laughing out loud If ou could do a hedgehog one I'll like it even better! Smile

Hedgehog: Yeah!!! Go hedgehogs! Cool

Me: And raccoons too, Hedgehog!!! Tongue

Clot: You're weird, Insy! T_T

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Happy raccoons

Five stars they are so cute,,very realistic drawing Kute,,Wonderful. !