happy swim

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Very well done Susie!

wonderful position, amazing emotion, perfect lighting!ten!

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this one is quite an old picture, I drew it almost two years ago and then a few months ago I touched it up a bit. Thanks Hakan! You know I always appreciate your kind comments on my work. Where have you been by the way?

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aww this is soo cute it makes me laugh at his happy face Smile

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Super draw I like the way that you have handled the scales they look so natural. Martyn

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Amazing draw. This turtle, this happy turtle shares with us his joy of swimming. You gave him an extraordinary expression, vivid, real, cute, I am totally impressed.

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Yeah! I like the expression of it.

It looks it's clapping its hand N say:'Yeah!':)

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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happy swim

wow. nice detail, great draw! 10

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love the details you added. i think the details make a real good drawing. and a real good artist feels when details are missing Smile

The goal is to reach a status that complys with your own claims. An artist never reaches this point from his personal view. So he is always learning and perfecting.

Sry for my bad english Smile

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turtle 10*

very good kute, your drawings get better and better. no need to say that youre a Queeky pro!

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