Happy Valentines

“From the comment given by spring, I got the picture.”
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Love the use of those overlapping shapes to make such a painterly effect, think it's yr spot on, and extensive palette that does it. And you know me, i'm a sucker for hearts, Also think the aggression of the men and the clenched fist nicely contrasts with the theme... Grade u da man! <3


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This one is an old work for valentine's day. I remember there's some wild thoughts when I create it... Tongue

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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hahaha this is such an awesome picture! i would be pretty scared of those lovestruck guys on valentines day. ^_^

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everyone needs love

one of the most provocative picture i've ever seen lately. your works are always put on my shelf, sir. i like your art. happy valentines day. 10!

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Lovely idea!

You got amazing ideas and perfect draw-talent. Happy valentines!

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happy valentines

Fantastic draw!

Power to love and peace everywhere! and happy valentines day! 10

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