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“Hatsune Miku!!!!!!”
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1 Variation


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Miku=cyan and cyan keeps following me around and faking tasks.... cyan is kinda sus

LOL that was just for fun! I dont get many comments on my drawings either, but I dont get as many views as you do!

LOL - FoxyFoxUwU #trying to cheer u up

Dude why are you here... This is nothing but cringe
Legit don't bother looking at my page- Idk what the hell I was doing on this site tbh

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Hello! Today has been a rough

Hello! Today has been a rough day 4 me. I had to get shots so I could still go to school. Ouch, my arm is sore. AND my friend hit me in the arm with a volley ball. Well, gotta go!

Hi! My name is Ollie and I love Cats to the very end!!! Cat songs are my favorite!!! I also like anime more than I can say! Anime is amazing!!!!! All of you who say anime is terrible should eat some dirt!!!!! I also am in and support the LGBTQ+ community.