have a good time

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I feel the taste of the

I feel the taste of the coffee made in the "Ibric". Has you made it on hot sand? With caimac? Its very tasty, also the fresh bread! A very pretty and well made scenery, Matilda! Thanks for your hospitality!

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have a good time

This is wonderful, I love the soft warm glow from the candle, creates a lovely atmosphere in the room, all looks very inviting. Beautiful details and draw Matilda. 5 stars

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great job

awesome work! I like the texture and colors!! Nicely done! Five

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have a good time

Girl you go from one extreme to another...I like that Smile I too try to do different types of drawings. I love this one, your colors are all so soft and your details make the picture come alive. Beautifully done. Smile Five stars

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I don't know why

I feel this linked with your drawing "emptiness".

Both are very interesting and nice drawings.

Nice texture too!

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.