Head Thought Scorcher

“All Scorchers sniff the space for the evil in you. Feel free to assume they aren't there just because your flesh eyes can't see them. Assume the world of flesh is the only one there is, but know that by your work or by their gruesome savagery, your evil will end. With you in peace or scorched away in pieces of nightmare, one day your long due judgment will come and find you, and all your filth will be revealed before the ever-hungry hordes of Scorchers. Repent and enlighten sinner, right now, today and every day henceforth, or soon you will be living an eternity, in ashes.”
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Nice teeth

Big smile

Have a wonderful day!

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yet another intense drawing and story! Nice work with the two working great together.

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Why thank you kindly, it is

Why thank you kindly, it is great to spew out the insides of my head upon an unsuspecting world Smile

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scary scorcher ...I'm going to repent starting tomorrow Smile

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Ah yes indeed, tomorrow is a

Ah yes indeed, tomorrow is a good a day to start as any, but what if your mortal body dies tonight ? Smile

Worry not, all realms of existence are eternal, and thus sooner or later we will have the chance of suffering some unspeakable horrors together. Or perhaps watch a nice rainbow on the sky. Or a nice meteor impact and assorted flood and blood.

Be well, keep the ever-white light shining in your soul every day Laughing out loud