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This is great...he is surrounded by swirls of wonderful colours, could he be listening to music or to voice's that dictate and command orders? is he being programmed of what he should do next! His expression is of great consentration..and he looks very mean. Whatever it is he hears its another brilliant draw pppman. Five stars

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It looks to me like he is saying..."you want to say that one more time in this ear?" and he looks like he means business. Well done pppman. Smile Five stars

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Wow, what an expression! The

Wow, what an expression! The head seems to me to be surrounded by many coloured snakes, maybe that are the thoughts of the man.

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Wow, i like the expression...

...wonderful drawing.

Five stars and faved!

Have a nice day!

" I want to know,
have you ever seen the rain??? " - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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infinite talent

you are amazing, you are just shooting these draws out, I bet it's not much trouble for you too... every draw you drew has been drawn with care. everyone can see how much care you put in them. thank you.

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Great drawing, my friend!

But I will leave the identity of the model for the rest of the viewers to guess. Very cool drawing. I like it! Five stars