Hear Love

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Hear Love

The music turned on and the world tuned out as she listens to music she loves. Such a great draw pppman I love the vibrant colors and great detail. Smile Five stars

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really wonderfull, the colors the emotions, everything is so nice : )

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hear love

Fantastic draw, so colourful and so alive....she hears and loves the music such a wonderful expression. Five stars

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I love this picture! The colors are fresh and beautiful and so is the content! Another great from you pppman!

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beautiful (L)

beautiful (L) Smile

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She hears the music, she

She hears the music, she feels the music, she loves...a wonderful message , a warm picture!

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earrings/earphones! Is there clip-on for those who don't have their ears pierced? Big smile Five stars


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...great drawing for Valentine's day!...


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Really a great piece of art!

Beautiful work

Five stars

Thanks for your comments my friend

Have a nice day!

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excellentr painting!