Heart Queen

“Heart Queen from Alice in Wonderland... Kind of for my friend..Hope she will not criticize too much”
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to: kutedymples

You have fantastic pics .. I also plan to do the White Queen and maybe just maybe Mad Hat Maker (i do not know if he is called like that in english) but probabyl just the White Queen and maybe I will find some other character to draw (from Alice and from other movies or TV series)...

I am glad that someone like you with so much experience and talent like my drawings Smile


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you added the finishing touches and it is beautiful! Really nice job on this, and like I said I am looking forward to seeing more work from you.

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Thank you... I just... I do not know what to say.. Just Thank you Smile Innocent Laughing out loud Big smile


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it's fantastic, I love it!

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Very nice

I drew this here too but it was a long while back, still in my gallery if you want to take a look. Nice job here!