“Sorry I took so long to unload this, I was trapped in the world of Skyrim, thanks to my friend...I had to get out of it, cuz Ive been slacking ALOT!! Well here yall go, from Iron Man 3, Heartbreaker!! Well comment below, while I slay this pesky Dragon.HUEHUEHUE....and yes I know hes just a torso...maybe a bit less...I got borde drawing him....I blame Skyrim...But how can I blame it...DIE DRAGON!!!”
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very good drawing I like

very good drawing Five stars

I like skyrim is a great game

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This is awesome! I really love your work, and the part you said about Skyrim and the reason we haven't seen much of you for a while... yeah that's me right now, I'm out of ideas because of Destiny, video games do get the best of us, but keep up the good work, hope to see more from you. Big smile Glasses Laughing out loud

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Yeah I will try, I just added some mods to Skyrim, like the HD lighting and the realistic Mod, so now the game looks 10 times better!! I hope to get outta this video game thing soon, I wanna be free of the virtual world!! and thanks again, I tried really hard to do this piece, because the whole time I was distracted by Skyrim......huehuehue

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