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“trying to try a different style of art and see what i get! )”
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1 Variation

1 Variation


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Looks like it was drawn in

Looks like it was drawn in paint:) But definitely a new style!

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i personally really like it & think it looks real cool:) & if you dont mind me asking, is it ok if i do something similar to this?? i got an idea from this & i just wanted to get the 'O.K' from you so you dont think im copying lol

~less than three~

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of course!

lol actually thats really cool to me that you want to do that so.. GO 4 IT GIRL!!! XD

oh my..

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thankies ^.^"

lol awsome. i appreciate it. i'll , of coarse, give you idea creds when i finish^.^" again, thanks so much:DD

~less than three~

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Looks very cool! x

Looks very cool!


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Good idea.

I like it. Laughing out loud

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omg thanks!!!!!

comments mean so much.... lol especially when they r postive

oh my..

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.................... O_O........

this is .... different from your original style ...

it's great that you experiment with new things! Laughing out loud

mouth ... looks grim ....

soon you improve this. keep it up Wink

feliz a quien la muerte ciñe las cienes con sangrientos lauros en medio del esplandor de la victoria...

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thx uhh but i think 4 the most part im sticking to anime

oh my..