hello bunnies

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Gee.. That is so great!

This is the first video I have seen of yours.. and all I can say is Wow!!!

This is Wonderful!

You are a great animator..!

Thanks, Ren!

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hello bunnies

I love the coloursand the butterfly is addorable and the leaves are hearts. Cute!

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hello bunnies

I really like this! It's what I envision when I'm listening to new slang by the shins.

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thx for ur great comment

btw i love this pic is so cute

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wonderful ! the bunnys are really cute !!! Smile 10

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* hello bunnies! *

ha, very cute!

good job on all of the shapes,

colours and little details.

Wonderful! you're really

good at drawing things like

this.. Smile

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hello bunnies

cute!10 it's too amazing

Sasuke fan here ^__^

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hello bunnies

very nice colors ....a magical world. 10!

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hello bunnies

wonderful draw!10

oresta's picture
hello bunnies

wonderful draw!10