Her Life

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Really lots of stories behind her Wink

Thanks for all the comments and I'm really enjoy to read over them Big smile Big smile

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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This is beautiful!!

She is playing with her hair. I like the expression.

Wonderful draw. Five stars

Have a nice day!

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Her life

An adorable little girl, although she looks a little sad and very thoughtful, perhaps she is wondering how she can get out of doing her homework! Wink or maybe she's sat listening to a fairytale story and dreaming of a better life. Wonderful draw pppman. Five stars

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She looks like a little girl

She looks like a little girl who had just been scolded and made to sit in time out but her little mind is not just on her punishment but already thinking about what she is going to do next. Such an adorable little character, wonderful draw pppman. Smile Five stars

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this is so nice... like a lovely childrens book

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...so outstanding portrait!...


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What might she think now,

What might she think now, does she see her short life passing befor her eyes? Or is she dreaming about a mystery world, unknown for us, the adults? However this is an excellent work, my friend, very sensitive!

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excellent painting!

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HEar life

first hear love now hear life, she looks bored or tired, ha ha reminds me of myself now adays

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Brilliant drawing...

And I so love your beautiful handwriting, to say the least! Big smile