Hero or Murder

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Put it in a book;

this is a story all in itself.

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Hello! Very touching picture. Its hard to see peoples artwork now with all the submissions and its a shame that beautiful pictures like yours get pushed back so quickly and so far back. Beautiful Drawing! Innocent 10

"This is the one life we know we have. I can't be complacent about the world I live in. It's important to me to use art in a manner that incites people to look and then carry something home - even if it's subliminal - that might make a change in them.

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Really incredible...

The look in the mans face is one of sadness to me. I do believe he is a hero. It is unfortunate that sometimes when people are trying to help others devasting results happen. Really incredible drawing!

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hero or murder

A fantastic draw, but a sad one too. A single beautiful flower marks the memory of the passing of a life, for what cause. Great works. 10

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Really AMAZING! And the flower there... an amazing picture-draw!

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amazing work