Hey guys! Please read!

“Hey guys! Its been a while, huh? Id be surprised if any of you remember me, lol. Well, as you know, school is out! So for me, that means more time to improve my art!Ive ben taking classes at the art center by the beach. Mostly pravticing on canvas with paints. Hopefully i can get pictures of some ofmy Canvas paintings up here. Now, down to buisness. Now that i have more free time to draw and actually get on the computer I promise you guys that i will try to be more active! Now, im actually happy with this picture so i may try to make it into something, so some new art will be up soon. I miss you guys here, so im back in buisness. Im open for requests but ill only be taking 2-3 at a time. I may make a few exceptions, but just comment what you want! Dont worry. Ill do my best to get those posted up on here! Its good to be back! (if you want to see my most reent artwork then go to my deviantart page! httpflynnthecat.deviantart.com )”
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Hmmmm. . . Let me think. Smile How about you draw your furry and my new furry (picture on da sometime really soon) as anthros (picture in anthro form xD) spinning through a gifantic meadow with the sexiest sunset youve ever seen in your life? K? K. :3 <3 Thankie. I wanna see how this 'art class' is helping you out <33 heha.

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Well, The art classes weren't at all what i was expecting this week. It was supposed to be drawing classes, but considering there were smaller kinds in this class, we couldnt really do anything challenging enough that helped me out with my drawing skills. All the kids there said i was better than the teacher though PFFT. I had like a little #1 fan in that class. She wote me a letter, Bought me a beanie baby. Yes. She went to the store before class and got me a moose stuffed animal. Ill put pictures up on deviantart later. XD wow this is longer than i thought it would be. but sure XD i'll try to do that, but i have problems with the legs, sooo no promises for full body pictures.

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You're back! Sorry, you don't know me, I'm just a big fan of your art! Now you can draw more stuff and I can see it!!! XD Also I have a request, can you draw my fursona, Leafy? She's in my pics, it shouldn't be hard to find her 'cause I draw her A LOT. Thanks if you can! ~Leafy


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Well, Nice to meet you Leafy! And I'd love to draw leafy :3 I looked at a picture in your gallery and she's adorable!

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Welcome back!

Welcome back Blackheart! I'm looking forward towards your upcoming art Laughing out loud

Shall the cookies be with you

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its ansley ;U;

i made a new account huehuhehue

also, im going to panama city beach this summer