Hiro (Big Hero 6)

“I was meant to post this like 3 months ago, but I've hit an impasse during the summer, (internet sucks) and it prevented me from doing anything fun on the computer, also I had an awesome time in Florida BTW, Universal studios was amazing!!! But anyways I've made a few changes since the last time I was on, but I like the end result cuz I love Big Hero 6. You tell me what you think? Please rate and comment below! huehuehue”
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awesome :D

I love it so real ;0 Laughing out loud

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Much yes

This is amazing! 10/10 rotten tomatoes!

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so real

so real

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This is so good. O.O

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It's a fine drawing...nice

It's a fine drawing...nice crisp lines

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Love it!

You did really awesomely. It looks a lot like him. His sweater seems a bit faded. like fuzzy and its hard to see. It feels as if the head in a way was photo shot. You know what I mean? But you did awesome. God bless. Have fun with your artistic talent! I have been inspired to do one like that as well! I love it!