Homeless Dinner

“I found a very sad photograph and it touched my heart. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a roof over thier heads and a warm meal for thier belly. This is more real than it should be, and happening somewhere now.”
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I Apologize

Please rewrite your comment. I hit the wrong button. I agree with you that this is sad. Because I am in the very same predicament.

Fontella Farrar

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Thank you...

you are very quick at getting these guys. I don't know why there has been so many of them lately. Thanks for keeping Queeky the best place on the net to draw and make friends! Big smile

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beautiful drawing! depressing

beautiful drawing! depressing subject! 0_0

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draw , my tablet is : trust TB 5300


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homeless dinner

This wonderful drawing represents a very sad but true fact of life, the plight of the homeless is a sight seen all over the world. Years ago I helped out at a hostel where homeless people visited daily for a warm meal, I heard such terrible stories of some of their lifes. I agree with Ernie coming into contact with these people certainly does make you humble, we tend to take to much for granted and forget that the homeless do exist...but they really do.

Wonderful draw Kute. Five stars

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so sad but beautifully painted

Kute, you have captured the heart of the picture and done it justice, I knew you were a softy like me... everyone should be in some way. Humanity scores one today.

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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This is a sad scene... But amazing drawing and beautifully done! 5 stars