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Hey RickyB

Where are you? Beautiful work.

Have a wonderful day!

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A very beautiful piece of art. I love the colors and the style. It really shows your point of view as an artist. FIVE STARS Five stars

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thank you

Thank you so much! Smile

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Super pic

Cool style, good work!

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I love it , and it's really cool being it the first drawing you've done in queeky! Laughing out loud

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Wow... Laughing out loud Thanks so much everyone!!!!!!! This is my first drawing here and I already have so many comments... You are amazing artists and I think I'll learn a lot from you

Thanks again! Smile

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The comments and support don't ever stop here at Queeky. Sometimes we are a little quieter than other times but we are still here. We all learn from each other here. Welcome to the Queeky family!

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Great first draw, very nice

Great first draw, very nice work...Welcome to Queeky. 5 stars

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A good work, bravo, I like

A good work, bravo, I like this strong portrait!