by vig

hot chipy chip

“alexis taylor frontman of hot chip”
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kutedymples's picture

The colors in this drawing hypnotize me. I adore them and you have captured this perfectly.

babsblueeyes's picture
great work

Color, subject, and draw is splendid

randomperv's picture

Watching you work on your art makes me feel like a terrible lazy sketchtastic sketcher lol! I like ploiesteana's comment, his face IS touchable lol, and cool spotlight and snazzy glasses oui.

Honestly I never get tired of your art, it's cool and wonderfully done

hakan's picture
hi Vig

well done! ten!

ploiesteana's picture

A new draw in this year, well done, I agree Martyn totally!The face is touchable...

rowemartyn's picture

Good draw Vig you have handled the red light reflection on the face well and without loss of bone structure. Sorry my mark failed to register but 10/10 anyway. Martyn

spring's picture
hot chipy chip ... ***VIG ART rocks!***

yay! Vibrant colours and great detail, another amazing draw by you Vig! absolutely a 10 my friend!