How to make realsitic eye......

“This is how realistic i could make it!!!LOL!!!! You would want to use the colors black and white. And the opazity ( or whatever how to spell it) between 5 and 9”
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I think this eye is very very

I think this eye is very very very very very very very very very very very very very good, everyone who wrote the mean comments are just jealous that the cant draw nearly as awesone as you!!! Smile

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I really appreciate the

I really appreciate the positve/smart comments!! Laughing out loud The negative comments, you just proved your jealousy and you're imatuerty Smile Cause I know that I have a gift

Susan Damaris Rivera/LilyTree

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Really good eye!

I hope you know to just ignore anyone who only has negative comments...I personally think you have done a very good job on this eye. You have used shadows under the lid and eye shine to give it more life. It is difficult to achieve hyper realism with the round brush but I think you are well on your way to getting there with some more practice. I think many could benefit from watching your eye tutorial...remember there is no "wrong" way of expressing yourself artistically. If someone doesn't like your method they can look elsewhere. Keep at it, you've got talent. Five stars

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Thank You :D

Thank you very much for your comment!! I really appreaciate your comment Laughing out loud

Susan Damaris Rivera/LilyTree

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it isnt realistic i want to know how to so a realistic one........................DONT BE CRAZY! DONT PUT IN TUTORIALS UR TEACHING US WRONG WAYS!

i am 10 year old girl that loves drawing...... i am here so people can help me and so i can share my drawings

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if you want to learn how to

if you want to learn how to make a realistic eye i made one thats pretty realistic. (kinda)


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You know what? If you're just

You know what? If you're just going to tell people that their art is stupid or wrong, you can just keep quiet. To comment intelligently, you need to both touch on the good and bad of a piece. You're just focusing on the negative.

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Caught your eye

nice work thanks

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9.9, that rounds up 2 10!

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I usually use 10 to 25, depend on the background is dark or light. if is dark i'll lower a bit. Maybe you can use piece of faces to express the stroke, I learn from some of the artist here, cause i found some cases is really hard to express the effect by using roung tip stroke. Hop it will be useful to you. Anyway, nice try, and look forward to see your next.

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