Howling wolf

“Howling wolf”
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theres a certain feel to it....for me, it's filled with sadness...but that's just me. wonderful draw!! Smile

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Belida this really beautiful. No i mean it. It's drawn differntly to what i am used too, thats a good thing though. Also it's has so much emotion to it and the shading is done so well. Keep it up jun. Laughing out loud

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The blue light in the blue

The blue light in the blue wood, the lone wolf- wonderful scene and very good done!

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Great feel

to this drawing, the lone wolf howling to his friends, I love this draw...nice job. Five stars

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howling wolf

Wonderful draw the beams of light shining through the trees. Great work. 5 star

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howling wolf

this is a very good draw =]

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nice belinda.. like it

nice belinda.. like it

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super Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars

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