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very nice

Very nice picture man Wink good job

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wow, very detailed...

I know this is tekken but it reminds me of when i used to do kick boxing XD, Any way this is really good, almost like concept art. It is very detailed and shows some emotion, or maybe it is very emotional.

If absolutely nessasery I will cook and eat Chaka.

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great draw! I love tekken ,too

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what a great draw....nice strong features.

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Looking mean and very

Looking mean and very powerful. Great draw. 5 stars

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Well done

He's mean and lean and ready to beat anyone who challenges, great draw... Smile Five stars

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Power! Super!

Power! Super!

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perfect.. so u r kazuya in queeky game Tongue Five stars

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very cool paint Smile

but my favorite character is feng wei xD

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Powerfull! Exellent draw, very good!