hugh laurie

“My first drawing here”
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very good!

very nice draw! 10 ^.^

your a natural!

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Ur amazing!!!!!

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hugh Laurie

Great draw, Zlatka!

I saw other work of you on RMD, see you there, evry now and than Smile

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Great work

Get his expression!! Well done and welcome.

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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hugh laurie

wow brilliant portrait.10!

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That's showing us how it's done!

You MUST have a sketch pencil pad for your computer. I am stuck with a mouse, and I can tell, your lines are FAR more intricate than my own! Spectacular! I can't wait to see more, perhaps some color?

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hugh laurie

Amazing draw! Welcome. 10

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amazing first draw!!!!10

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wow i love your pic and welcome to Queeky


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Vielen Dank für kommentieren ... es dauerte seine Zeit, um diesen ... sorry, wenn ich Chaos auf Deutsch sprechen, gerade jetzt ... Ich bin nicht gut auf ihn XD