by KO


“Ill go terminator on your Butts. ;P no Reference, No tracing. BTW this was just a sketch, cause I felt like doodling something dark, at the time.”
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Not mine, please!

Hahaha The foreground makes me like I'm peeking you from the darkness.

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Hehe, Thats what I was hoping you'd feel like ;P

Thank you Laughing out loud


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Lol this is nice It reminds

Lol this is nice Smile It reminds meof a horror movie i once saw. I also want to complement u on the other pictures u drew recnently. (the nude ones, and yes i would feel like a total pervert if i commented so i didnt.) But good job (y)

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Haha, they're so just Artistic nudes ;P pft, obviously.

lol, no really, I get where you're coming from ^__^ Thank you.

And thank you for the compliment on this picture, aswell Smile


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Terminator chicks scare me! terminators period scar me but chicks tend to be a bit more scary because of the whole PMS thing! Laughing out loud

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PMS that good 'ole excuse.

Thanks Giselle Smile