Hyuuga Hinata

“WOW only took me 1 and 1/2 days to do this. :) Dedicated to infinity4ever, because I was drawing a Hinata in MultiDraw with her... but then I accidentally drew a GIANT line over it... so yeah... ENJOY!”
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this is actually cool, i's hard to draw using a mouse .lolz


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Oh its so..sooo great! Do you

Oh its so..sooo great! Do you drawed on special pr. before? Like Paint tool sai? Tired Or ya drawing only on multidraw

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My arms were broked

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Wow, u r wayy better then me

Wow, u r wayy better then me at drawing at a long shot Tongue this drawin rocks ^^


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Epic and amazing!!!

Epic and amazing!!!

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Hinata is my favorite Naruto character... but one problem her hair is a little more blueish

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Hinata's my favorite Naruto character too, and I'm fully aware that her hair is too purple. Sad It's supposed to be more blue, but I've seen fan art of Hinata when she has purple hair. I wanted to try something new. Smile

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só pretty, don't you just love to multidraw? It makes it so much more fun! Laughing out loud maybe we'll mutidraw again someday Wink

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Thankies ♥

Thanks so much! We'd have to make plans on when to MultiDraw... Laughing out loud

Creation and Imagination is what I use most.

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This is wayyyyy pretty and awesome!! I ♥ that color purple lolz :3 Cya mayb in a Multidraw party or chinese food. Yum :3 lolz Wink


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haha, maybe we can make plans for Chinese food Smile

Creation and Imagination is what I use most.