“TOUT L OR DU MONDE... est la nature”
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This soo realistic! 5 Five stars

The Path you choose is the Path you have to go...... If you make Bad choices..... Bad things will happen to you Sooner or Later.........

Remember...The one who love's you will always be with you.....(my new account will be blackearsbunny)

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Love this

This has such a wonderful look to it, you want to reach in and touch it. Sort of a magical feel to it. Such a wonderful drawing..very beautiful and I love the colors.. Smile Five stars

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i wanna be in you. Five stars the picture.

open your eyes...
i see.
your eyes are open.

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anchorman quote. dont want

anchorman quote. dont want people taking it the other way O.o

open your eyes...
i see.
your eyes are open.

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don't worry

only perverted people will...

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that is the most amazing thing i've seen all day. i love the water in this so much, calming morning sunrise. I wish it was bigger. Smile Five stars i love it *fave*

Ooo, words go here too?

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So very well done. It brings you in and keeps you in! Love it. 5 stars for sure!

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HOLY MOTHER ****************************************************

Amazing fav + 1000000\5

amazing water effect, the wave pattern, the nice sunlight, and when all mixed together, this amazing masterpiece!

I'm amazed by this talented community!

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draw! Five stars Five stars