i promise ill do a good job!!

“i wont mess it up, cmon arent ya curious how it will turn out??? pleaaaassssseeee i need requests”
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ok starting on artgirl4eva's

ok starting on artgirl4eva's now, emmakemerer's is in the collage gallery

team Haymitch! woot

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im working on swiftfire, and

im working on swiftfire, and stone is next! hope u guys like em!

team Haymitch! woot

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can u try and draw my Charaters?

It's raining, there is nothing to do, guess what, i'ma draw you!

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can u draw my warrior swiftfire

dont look at my old art plz for your sake

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Now that I.....

Now that I've browsed through your gallery, I've become real fond of your art. Could you do I request for me?

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yeah! thank you ive been

yeah! thank you ive been soooo bored! you can send me a private message or just comment Smile

team Haymitch! woot