by lime

I want summer!

“My second drawing here - I have to admit, I enjoy this site! The tools are pretty cool, ofc I still need to practice lots more to master them xD Oh well, hope you like this scenery....nothing special, just playing around and testing some things ^^ Everything is from my imagination, no reference was used xD (the replay is kinda weird...why does it replay the clouds twice? xD)”
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you're kidding right? You are THE master of Queeky! I envy your awesome awesomeness! btw is it all right if i let you be known on my blog? Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars

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That's how I draw my clouds. Five stars

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realistic clouds Smile great draw Five stars


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so serene



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SO DO --- OMGGGGG!! *_* <33

SO DO --- OMGGGGG!! *_* <33

Hello, world.
Omnomnomnom... :3

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this is cool man i want

Five stars this is cool man i want summer 2 Smile

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Great draw {i think the

Great draw Laughing out loud {i think the queeky art player is messed up sometimes because this also happend to me..} Anyways welcome and hope to see more, xxbyee

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Very nice!

And welcome to queeky!....big 5 for you!

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maybe you duplicated the cloud layer?