I was born inlove with thee So

“I was born in love with theeSo why should fate stand inbetween?These are Lyde and Caleb, two protagonists of Kharshan and The Prince of chaos.hope you like it and please coment! ^///^”
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oh lovely

oh lovely Smile

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Lyde and Caleb are such great

Lyde and Caleb are such great characters, super expressions, colour and detail. Wonderful draw Darkcla. 5 stars

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yet another beautiful draw

yet another beautiful draw great job

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born inlove

Such great characters, both uniquely different in appearance but connected by their hearts. such great detail, I love her hair and the feeling of being in the rain. Such sadness in their expressions. Wonderful draw. Smile Five stars

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I do like them...

What beautiful characters. I love your portrayal of them the look on her face and his. And I am so drawn to her lips, they are incredible. Nice work!