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ice and coke

“25.12.2009 practice practice practice”
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Interesanta optica asupra

Interesanta optica asupra femeii, jos tabuurile? Frumusetea sta in ochiul privitorului, deci...

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Lucian Freud

I was not aware of that artist, and the painting is beautiful. I painted a few nudes a while back as well and they were not small ones. I like your way of thinking about these things actually. Thought provoking.

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Lucian Freud

Have you seen for how much that particular nude sold ? The Sue Tilley one I mean.

I wish I could see some reactions when people find that one out Smile

Anyway I just read that one of his models destroyed a painting worth 17mil, because he hated his double chin in it.

Now that's some thought provoking art right there Laughing out loud

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do you draw these to get a comment out of me? LOL Because you are just about sure to when I see something like this in the gallery. I know we have a nude category, but....

Well anyway, she sure looks happy.

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fat girl day :)

oh no, today just happened to be fat girl day.

as I was saying in another comment, I choose some subjects without any planning, based on whatever goes through my mind at the time. a few evenings ago it was pornstar day, today it's fat girl day. i'm sure soon it will be machines day, condoms day, syringe day and all sorts of days will come after that Tongue

I kind of wander what sort of material we're allowed to put in here, and I wish we had some sort of a 'hardcore' category, that would be well hidden from people who don't want to look at disturbing images. I really like the site & community and wish for everyone to have a good time, but also I know that sometimes my mind goes to dark and twisted places, and if you can't explore those things with painting, then why draw at all, right ? Smile

Well hopefully nobody will get pissed off / offended...

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You are right...

I do wish we had a place like that. There are many kids that draw here and I don't know if some of these images are appropriate for them to see. Gee...I didn't know today was fat girl day. I could have celebrated too, and now the day is over and I missed the chance. Smile Although I am not in the same category as your new models, I believe everyone is beautiful no matter what skin (or how much of it) they are in. I am sure if someone does get offended you will hear about it in a comment. I have found that people here tend to be very vocal and say what is on their minds. I know I do. So if I ever say anything that offends you, feel free to let me know.

As far as The "Queeky Community" there is none like it. We are a family here and you will see that if you stick around. Since you are a new member of the family please feel free to get comfy but until we do get a place for images from the dark and twisted side refrain from posting them in the main gallery or I am sure you will get someone riled.

Have a Merry Christmas, and hope you get everything you ask Santa for. I have this year. I ask for canvases and paints and I got enough to keep me busy all year. I must have been a very good girl this year. Innocent

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A, great to hear, presents

A, great to hear, presents fill the heart with warmth Smile

Now perhaps I'll head for the forum and see what can be done about a proper 'mad scientist' category, to dump all those twisted designs in Smile

Is the 'Nudes' category really open to everyone? Doesn't that defeat the purpose a bit?

Or if it is, and nudes are ok with kids, then are just the fat nudes offensive ? Smile

In any case, if these sorts of questions get asked, and everyone gets to think about, and express an answer, then our images do what they've always done and what they're supposed to do: provoke thought, introspection, and an analysis not only of them, but of ourselves, how we work, and why do we see them the way we do. And in a total unexpected ending I will ask, are you familiar with Lucian Freud's portrait of Sue Tilley ?

Merry Merry Christmas to you & loved ones as well Santa