Ichigo GO

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I love this drawing it so good

you look like

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ichiGOOOOOO! Big smile

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Five stars I love to watch Bleach, Ichigo is my favorite character, and the you you drew him awesome!!!! Love

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cool drawing i love bleach this is such a good draw 5/5

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Me Likey!

Very nice! a favorite of mine!

Those who watch or read bleach will surely like this one! 5\5!

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I am a huge fan of bleach. I

I am a huge fan of bleach. I loved ur drawing its sooooo cool.

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cool paint ......... nice Laughing out loud

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heh I love bleach.. Ichigo is super awesome.. Expecially in Hollow form >.>


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It's dark and menacing! (i loved it)

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hollow ichigo!!

Shock that.... is .....AMAZING!!!!!!!! that is sooo cool, it is soooo goin on my favorites!! Love feep up the amazing work!!! Laughing out loud

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