Im Back

“For all my friends in queeky.”
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What are you bringing us,

What are you bringing us, Mister pppman-Santa Claus? A happy draw, nice colours of the dragoon! Is this a symbol of happiness? Or of the life?

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Im back

It's that time of year again and here comes Santa with his sack full of goodies for everyone! but where are the reindeer?....maybe they got time off for good behaviour! Smile What is this amazing flying creature that brings Santa to us this it a super fast flying serpent. so all the presents get delivered much quicker! Smile or a dragon, a dinasour? humm would love to know! Five stars Merry Christmas to you pppman.

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Oh How Jolly!

What a joyous Jolly Santa. So cute I just had to comment on this fat happy guy.

Just love him pppman!

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Very cute =D.. I'm curious,

Very cute =D.. I'm curious, what is he riding?

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Thank you pppman, this is really cute.

Santa is coming in fast on some creature and his bag is full of pppmans drawings for everyone to enjoy Wink Smile Nice draw and sentiment... Five stars

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im back

ahh cute. He looks fat and happy. wonderful shading. This drawing is fun, and when i look at it i feel happy inside. great job 5 star and faved Laughing out loud.