im sick

“i was sent home from school early cas i got the flu which is going around, its the stomach flu (i think) my head hurts so i dont think”
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ohh noo

oh no you're sick!!! Sad

the stomach flu SUCKS. i had it when i was a kid, and wow.

it was gross. lol.

try to get rid of it as quick as possible. ;_;

great draw! Laughing out loud

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pour you!

is that your word for you; yew? Tongue sounds funny xD but are you sick Sad pour you T.T that's so boring, all on your own. so lonley Sad but you'll survive i guess ^^

get better soon!

bye xo

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yew got it tew?????

i was like wheres danica in art


i was sooooooo lonleyyyyyyy

then mariah told meh yew went home early

then i thought if i gave yew the flu and felt really guilty

but then i remembered tat yew said yew felt sicky wicky in the morning and i felt sooooo releived Smile

anyway pooooor danica TT^TT

dont worry i still feel sick with yew

ps....loooooooongg comment

pps........the pics nice