“For all of my queeky friends-family. My parents are starting to think I may be getting depression, passed down from my brother. Im starting to see the view point, cuz in all honesty, its becoming harder and harder to go through with most of my tasks. Which was why I didnt make an appropriate picture for this (Admin, Please dont unpublish this despite it not being a -drawing- but Its a way that will most likely get my friends to see) Anywho, I may not be on or publishing as much, until i can straighten everything out. Bye my lovelies!”
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Hi MelloJello

No, of course I will not unpublish this. It was just the one picture that was a pure photograph. I have invested so much time in the photo-upload tool, that get a bit sad when people don't use it, that's all. Depression is a thing that every human being has to struggle with from time to time, adults have similar experiences in life. But it goes away after a certain time, you will see that the positive view on things stronger Wink

Queeky admin

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I hope ya feel better soon

I hope ya feel better soon Mel!

I went through depression, and it's not very fun. Sad

Love your enemies! It will make them more angry.

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Thanks Rar ;w; I would have

Thanks Rar ;w; I would have actually taken time on the damn description but i got lazy :T

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Take your time and hope you

Take your time and hope you feel better! :0

hhhhh doritos