in Nature

“Is from a sketch I had done before. I planned to color it later, and finally I did it... This is also the most time cost drawing I did in queeky.”
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So refreshing.

This is my all time favorite since I discovered this drawing.

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very cool

Five stars


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draw very natural Smile

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There is so much to see with this beautiful drawing, lovely colors and wonderful details. This is spring all summed up in one lovely draw. Great job... Smile Five stars

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Wow amazing, so much detail, and very very very beautiful, I love how you shaded/colored this drawing, its amazing! And I love all the colors! +fav!~

Five stars

Smile Smile Smile

~Kokoro Ai~
Lets fly in the sky.

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a part of NATURE. Beautiful drawing! The colors are great!

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Good job!

The best art is the one that takes and attention to detail has been added to this draw....resulting in a colourfull and detailed piece of art....humans and nature as one...this is going in as one of my it well done ppp man.

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and quite beautiful. The colors suit your wonderful drawing. I know it takes a while to use a lot of colors in a drawing, but to me it is all worth it with the end results. This proves so.

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Wow! It's so not you to use

Wow! It's so not you to use that large number of colors in one piece ;O

But pretty, very lovely indeed Smile