Inky Flowers

“I made the original quite some time ago and added to it.”
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So beautiful!

So beautiful!

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Have bookmarked this, a)cuz i love it so much...and b)if i eva need some inspiration. Honestly right up my street. As 4 goin 'crazy' wiv the white @ the bottom really thinks it balances and adds 2 the composition as a whole, these things r instinctive tho i reckon...if u have real talent that is... like u! Five stars


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Im lovin it... ^^

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What a beautiful design! I absolutely love this, and I'm going to fave it! I agree with everyone else's comments. And this does have a very cool, funky 70's feel to it. I love it! Laughing out loud Five stars

Ooo, words go here too?

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like the color of your

like the color of your picture good to see before I go to bed Smile

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Inky Flowers

All the colors really cohesive with each other. I love your creative side to your art. Great job. FIVE STARS Five stars

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Wowzers that's so awesome

all your pictures are great!!

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it's different from your others

but great!

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es muss wahnsinnig aufwändig gewesen sein, nicht?

Ich hätte keine Geduld zu so etwas. Aber echt klasse Smile