“reference from a japanese drama”
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what a

perfect inspector! he is amazing thinking

Five stars


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The very serious and puzzled look of an inspector...a difficult crime for him to solve...alot of tension and thought in his face. Excellent works. 5 stars

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This is amazing

Excellent draw.

Five stars my friend Five stars

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What a strong character! I've

What a strong character! I've watched your creative act and I am so content about it, it was a wonderful personal gain, thanks!

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finally there is more

finally there is more black...i loooovve it OO Smile

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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Wow this is amazing. Ive been looking through your artwork and nothing is bad. Its all AMAZING. You have extreme talent keep it up. Laughing out loud

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Excellent draw... such a serious looking man...great details and shading. I like this, great one... Smile Five stars